Literary agency

We support authors in several areas. We advise on negotiations of literary and/or film contracts and conclude them for you if this is desired. But we also offer all the benefits of a back office with our agency, keep the press at a distance during your writing process or approach the press when this is requested. Keeping your website up-to-date is also part of our activities.

We are selective in attracting authors, the reason for this is that we aspire to offer personal attention and support, which the author deserves. We aim to represent your interests in the smallest details. Furthermore, our role can be seen as an intermediary between you, the author, and the publisher. All the activities that are being performed for you, are always, if necessary, in good consultation with the publisher.

But if you do not have any writers ambitions and are looking for a personal assistant, do not hesitate to consider our services.

We are convinced that we can provide you with optimal support in many areas with our agency and are of course very willing to clarify this in a personal conversation.

Read here what we can offer you.

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